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Destination: Colorado Spring on Blu-ray (4 discs)


Destination: Colorado Springs 4 Blu-ray disc set includes 4 different popular and scenic rides in the Colorado Springs area in stunning resolution and color. With the Olympic Training Center and Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), Colorado Springs is one of the world's top cycling locations.

Simply play the DVDs in front of your indoor bike and follow the verbal and visual instructions. You will change your resistance, body position and cadence to replicate the effect of outdoor cycling in Colorado's high country. Climb to the dizzying heights of Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet. Profile your fitness in the ultimate training ground: Cheyenne Canyon. Sprint over the hills in Garden of the Gods. Negotiate loose single track on the Columbine Trail, cut into steep mountain sides high above the famous Broadmoor Hotel. Seek Out Cycling strives to defeat indoor cycling boredom, putting you in the middle of the action.

DVD Features:

• About 1 hour per Blu-ray disc (4.5 hours total)

• Maps

• Effort Profile and Effort Scale

• Music

• Verbal and visual coaching

DVD Titles:

1. Cheyenne Canyon Time Trail

2. Garden of the Gods and Gold Camp Road

3. Pikes Peak - To the Summit

4. Columbine Chutes

Discs are Region 0, so they play in all countries.

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