Indoor Cycling Adventure Movies


Destination: San Juan Skyway


Seek Out Cycling's latest and greatest movie series takes you on the San Juan Skyway scenic highway, also known as "The Death Ride Loop". This amazing 234 mile route goes over 5 mountain passes and climbs over 16,000 vertical feet. Enjoy this virtual cycling tour through Southwestern Colorado. There are 4 different workouts each designed to build speed, strength and endurance to make you a stronger and faster outdoor cyclist. Defeat indoor cycling boredom with the incredible scenery surrounding the towns of Durango, Silverton, Ouray and Telluride. Ride in the virtual company of hundreds of other cyclists over 11,000 foot passes. Experience the thrill of diving down mountain roads at speeds in excess of 55 mph. Seek Out Cycling brings you the most authentic cycling experience possible. Filmed from a helmet mounted camera for a cyclist's point of view and subject to multiple image-stabilizing methods, these films will make you feel like you are riding for real. Just pop the DVDs into your player and spin pedals in front of your TV. Follow verbal and visual coaching and enjoy the rockin' music. 

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