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Rocky Mtn Group Ride 6pk

Rocky Mountain Group Ride 6 Pack Details

The Ultimate Rocky Mountain Group Ride is a collection of 6 DVDs that take you over some of Colorado's highest mountain passes. We cross the Continental Divide FOUR times! This movie series was filmed during the 2011 Ride the Rockies event. Ride along side more than 2,000 other cyclists as we make our way across 400+ miles of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Three of the rides in the Rocky Mountain Group Ride series are the same routes followed by top professional cyclists during the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Use the Rocky Mountain Group Ride 6 Pack to increase muscular endurance, power, and speed. 

Ride 1: Cottonwood Pass

Climb over one of Colorado's highest passes during the Cottonwood Pass movie. This incredible workout takes you over 12,000 feet above sea level. Improve your muscular endurance while absorbing the breath-taking views of alpine peaks. You will pass hundreds of other cyclists on this monumental mountain ride. This is the same route followed by the world's top professional cyclists during the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge.


Ride 2: Leadville and Tenessee Pass

Day 2 of the Ultimate Rocky Mountain Group Ride takes you through the highest town in the USA - Leadville. From there we climb over the Continental Divide at Tennessee Pass. After descending through Camp Hale, we fight for the summit on Battle Mountain. This 60 minute indoor cycling workout will make you a better climber and a faster rider!



Ride 3: North to Steamboat

Ride #3 in the Rocky Mountain Group Ride series heads North to Steamboat, taking you through the canyon country of the wild Colorado River. Climb classic Colorado "hills" for miles at a time. Ride in the company of hundreds of other cyclists as we journey northward to Bike Town USA - Steambooat Springs. This is the same route that the USA Pro Cycling Challenge raced. This hour of exercise is filled with variety as we hammer over long climbs and pedal rapidly over rolling hills.


Ride 4: Steamboat Springs Loop

Steamboat Springs earned the distinct honor of being nicknamed "Bike Town USA" because of it's PERFECT cycling terrain and attitude! We head southeast from Steamboat to a wonderful little town called Oak Creek. From there we tackle multiple short climbs for an outstanding interval workout. Use this movie to blast your climbing strength to elevations only Colorado can offer.


Ride 5: Rabbit Ears Pass

Ride 5: Rabbit Ears Pass takes us over the Continental Divide, again. We gain 2,400 vertical feet in 7 miles, then follow the Colorado River to Ganby - Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Perfect your muscular endurance for extended climbing, then finish off the workout with a sprint for city limits. View some of Colorado's most beautiful scenery while training your body for your best cycling season ever.


Ride 6: Winter Park and Berthoud Pass

Finish off the Rocky Mountain Group Ride series by climbing back into the alpine on Berthoud Pass. Descend down the Atlantic Ocean watershed on the other side of the Continental Divide. Race into Georgetown for the finish line. Power to the end of this 412 mile tour of Colorado!


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